Thursday, February 5, 2009

Five Ways to Stop a Cacher and More to Stop the Garbage

Yesterday and today we were near and around Lynden, WA. The weather was beautiful and the countryside peaceful and great to drive through.
One of the caches we did today is Five Ways to Stop a Cacher. I had never seen a sign at an intersection that actually says 5-Way. But as the picture shows, they do exist and at this point there were five such signs. Okay, so you already guessed that. Fine!

As the picture also shows, we found the cache, adding one more reason for a cacher to stop...get it? Good!

Like I said, it is a pleasure to drive through the Watcom County area. However, there is one thing that really takes away from the fun. I am not saying this to preach at our southern neighbours, but they are so badly in need of recycling laws and places to bring their stuff instead of throwing it every which where. As one of the pictures shows, it can get very bad. But there is no incentive for people to pick up their junk like we have it. That, of course, is still not a reason to just dump it wherever, but it certainly would help.

Think what you may of homeless people and hobos, they clean up an incredible quantity of recyclables. You see them coming into the Return It places with garbage bags full of cans and bottles. Those places actually hand out those bags to these people to go out and fill them up. Cities should really thank them for their service, especially Langley where within the city limits you will not find a can or bottle. Quite incredible!

Last week we were in Surrey on a schoolyard. We picked up for at least $10.00 worth of cans, and felt a little guilty for doing it, because there is no doubt that sometime during the day some homeless person would have come by to pick them up.

What you do find everywhere, including Langley, is Tim Horton's (note the apostrophy, please!) and Starbucks' garbage. When will we have a government that has the guts to make it a law to put a return fee on Icecap and other plastic containers that litter the landscape and that don't get picked up by the hobos because there is no return fee on them. And while they are at it, the government I mean, they can also outlaw drive-by's to stop the exhaust fumes polluting our atmosphere...So there! Anybody have Harper's cell number? Could you call him?

Does anyone have Obama's cell number? Could you call him? He is the one 'who can' so there is no longer a need for a can here and a can everywhere!

I'll end with this picture of our new cache mobile. If you have very good eyes, you may be able to see the eagle in the tree in the background. We saw lots of them today and they continue to take our breath away.


Eddie said...

Nice wheels! Can't quite make out the model from here; is it all wheel drive or 4 wheel drive?

Thelma said...

Well, considering your previous disguise as a hobo, I believe that you were alright picking up those cans.

However, I will mention your thoughts to Steve when he and Mrs. Harper come for dinner tonight.