Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hand it to me...

We have been on the road now for almost two weeks and, curiously enough, we have not really missed home. In my journal I have begun referring to our RV as 'home'; note the ''; when they disappear it might mean that we will not want another
home again...
Our first stop was Green Lake Prov. Park. We had no problem finding a place; it was mostly deserted this early in the season. On our way there we did a couple of caches but we were more concerned with getting there so we left a bunch unattended. We will just have to go back there one day.
Our next stop was Williams Lake where we stayed in a private campground at the grounds of the WL stampede. We did a fair bit of caching there but we got a little tired of all the micros. One area we did not really have time to explore to any great lenght was the WL River park and trails: quite a nice area of about 12 km in length along the river until it joins the Fraser.
Not enough time...we are on a schedule (!) so it still feels rushed. Yesterday we arrived here in Dawson City, and when I thought about it this morning it looks like we have basically only one day here for ourselves. Today is Sunday so we are taking it easy. There is not really a church here that looks half decent (I was sure there was a CRC here, but think it must have folded) so we listened to a sermon on Spindleworks and will do that again later on. Tomorrow we have nothing scheduled but caching. Tuesday is taken up partly by the soccer game and Wednesday we have to leave again and take two days to make it to Calgary. Rush, rush...not an easy life by any stretch...but complaining never got me anywhere so I will not start that...and enjoy thankfully, very much, what we have and receive each day.
I skipped Prince George where we had a nice time,, also staying in a private campground. We visited with Jim and Nallely Witteveen a few times and had a really good time with them. They are settling in and making contacts and dealing with other things in their life. Read their blog:
I now remember telling you about most of our activities in PG in the email I sent a few days ago so I won't repeat all of that..The caches in PG were much more enjoyable than the micros in WL. Some people really like to hand it to you as one of the pictures shows. Mom jumped about 3 feet when I kindly endeavoured to hand it to her.
And being out in the wild also reveals that she is particular regarding certain animals. At Green Lake it was a snake that made her scream, try to scream, but her cold prevented her from producing any kind of sound louder than a pipsqueak so I did not hear it and was unable to come to the rescue...In PG it was another interesting creature just minding his own business that caused unheard-until-now noises in the forest...the picture shows how cute he really is...and what a nice size he has grown to be...and how he could be a very well camouflaged cache...and how I would have loved to hand that to her...
O, and that reminds me of Yorick...if you go to Hamlet Act 5, Sc. 1, you will be able to figure out for yourself what kind of cache the Yo-Rick cache was like... Mom figured she had done her quota of ups and downs for the this one I found by myself and I had no opportunity to hand it to her...or cause an underworldly noise to be heard in the woods...or take a picture...alas, poor Yorick.
There aren't that many caches here so we should be able to make to make a good dent in that tomorrow. Hopefully the weather will improve somewhat so that we can at least stay dry and so the OFF does not wash off ...we had to use it quite liberally already in PG, and I am sure we will be here as well...good preparation for when we see Erica and her family.
On that optimistic note I will call it a blog. O, mom posted some pictures on Facebook as well...go check them out...and if you are not already a Facebooker, you will have to become one now, I guess.
Love, Dad and Mom