Sunday, January 25, 2009

Weather Woes...

Most cachers in our area had no choice but to take an unwanted three to four week break from caching because of the weather and all the snow we had. Today, there is still a lot of snow around in some places, but the roads are clear and the sun has been shining in some parts of the Fraser Valley, mainly the Abbotsford area and east. West of Abbotsford was souped in by fog for 21 days.
One day last week we decided to start caching again and decided on the Watershed Park in Delta. Bad move! We were in the fog all day while back home everyone was basking in the sun, behind their kitchen windows that is.
Friday the fog finally lifted in Surrey so that's where we went on Saturday. It is true, there was no fog, but there was not much in the way of sunshine either and still a lot of snow in places.
We have not really come across anything very exciting in the way of caches except for one series that I will talk about in the next post.

As you can see, I have posted three pictures. I wish there were a way in blogger to place them in different areas than just at the top. If someone has some ideas about this, please let me know.

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Eddie said...

You can click on and "drag" the picture down to the location you want it to be. Sometimes you have to click on it a second time for it to "grab" the picture.

The one thing I find though, is that when you do this, the blog arbitraryly adds lines into the whole blog. Some formatting is required afterwards. (Careful you don't delete your picture as you delete the extra lines between paragraphs and the pictures)