Friday, April 11, 2008


That simple title says it all...or should it read 200 and counting?

We were out for a bit today around Fort Langley to make this number full...One was a very interesting multi of which we include a picture...the hint for this one: you can sit on it if you are small enough...I kind of stumbled on it without a clear plan, as I do most of the time...never seen anything like this before...
This was at the same time our 200th, a nice coincidence.

We struggled again today with how much paper we use for this hobby. One cache had 13
pages...too many, and I printed only two...but then when we were doing this one, a multi again, we found that we were missing information to get to the next stage which means we will have to go back to finish this one. So we saved some paper only to 'waste' it on gas. And yes, this hobby is not exactly 'green' either...the more we clean up around our home turf, the further out we need to go...

We have been told that we need a Palm Pilot. I don't know anything about these things except that they are not called Pilots anymore. We saw the simplest one at Londen Drugs for $50, but it has only 32 MB and cannot expand. The next one up is over $300.

What we need it for is to download caches so that we have the information with us in electronic form instead of on paper. If anyone can enlighten us on this matter or have other suggestions, please do.


Maranatha430 said...

Hi Dad and Sandy,

I see from a comment on a previous post that you have become famous! Make sure to send us copies of the article when it issues in the Chilliwack Times.

As far as making this greener, I can offer some suggestions:

1. Try printing double sided and two pages per side in landscape format. If your printer supports that, you'll get four pages on one sheet of paper.
2. Only print the bare essentials of what you need.
3. I used my Blackberry last weekend to go to the geocaching website to check a clue, since we were having trouble finding the cache. It's a little cumbersome, but it worked, and we found the cache. This way I did not have to print anything out.
4. Last weekend I also went to google maps to print out a map of the area where we were going to go looking, and just marked the approximate cache locations on that map with a dot and the GC number. This way I at least knew how to get places by car, and which GC number to pull up on my GPS.
5. Bike on your next outing!

Anyway, congratulations on 200 finds. We have a ways to go to catch up.

Henk et al.

TESKELLY said...


There is no inexpensive solution to paperless caching except for a palm pilot/pocket PC or if you want to upgrade your GPS in the future. The Garmin Colorado and Oregan models allow you to download the geocaches and all the info right onto the unit. However these newer models are expensive.