Friday, March 21, 2008

One Hundred!!!! (and counting)

It was March 19, the first day of spring they say, something we oldies will probably never get used to: spring is supposed to start on the 21st! Regardless, we went out caching anyhow instead sitting at home moping because spring had sprung on us two days early.
We knew we were at 99 finds. We had always wanted to do the Downtown Sitdown, a five-stage multi, created by the Kardian Questers (the Archie Kobes family). We had known forever that it was there and that we were very close to it everyday we were at the shop...and that we should do it soon and all that...and then we had Archie come into the shop...and that did it...we decided to make it our one hundredth. So we did. The cache centers around the artistic benches we have on several downtown corners. The pics show two of them. At each we had to pick up some info to put together the coords for the final one which was not downtown but under a tree some 3 km away...can't explain why they did not put the final downtown as well. Maybe they couldn't get the coords to come together with the skimpy information that is available on each bench.
It is not a difficult cache but it took some time. But it gave us our centennial find. We have in the meantime started on our second century.
How is everyone else coming along??? Eh???


Maranatha430 said...

Hi Dad and Sandy,

Well, we had intended to go out today (Saturday), but we ended up with about 6 or 7 inches of snow yesterday. So that means we will have to wait another week or so before we can go our and continue on our trek for 100 finds.

Anyways, congratulations on your 100th find! Does this mean you are seasoned enough now to to start putting together your own cache?

Have a blessed Easter.

Henk, Edith, and the girls.

Thelma said...

The snow is melting at a truly joyous pace here in the hinterland, so our hopes are rising that soon we will be able hit the caching trail again!

Only 2 under our belt, but congrats on the centennial! What loverly benches thou sitteth upon!