Thursday, January 10, 2008


Ever since we got some kind of flu on Boxing Day I have not been feeling great. My stomach continues to bother me and as a result I have not been in the shop a lot since we opened again after New Year's. We are glad that Sandy has been able to go in and very glad that Alfred is managing quite well on his own when neither of us is there. Perhaps it is a blessing in disguise that is has not been that busy.

Yesterday we decided that we would perhaps take this Thursday and Friday off and do some different things in the hope that I might start to feel better. Well, time will tell about the feeling better, but we did something very the samedifferent today, to wit go geocaching in spite of the rain and generally bad weather. We have some good rain resistant clothing, as well as some umbrellas which work wonders in windstill conditions except that they interfere somewhat with our GPS reception. We also went to Bellis Fair (had not been there for years) to get me some hiking boots. Success! No more wet and cold feet when slushing through pools and mud to get to a cache. Sandy got hers in the morning in town.

We are becoming old hands at this geocaching thingamejiggy... we did six today. We have a total of 14 finds to our name ( case you are confused...).

We found three in the morning in Abbotsford, and three on our way back from Bellingham in Sumas.

A lot of them were micros today, some nano micros: tiny capsules containing a very thin strip of paper on which to write the date and our handle(name). Some were magnetic, stuck to some metal post, others in holes in poles or in concrete... A picture is attached, not really in the spot I would like it, but I have no choice in the matter it seems.

By the way, Thelma, again I typed the title, hit enter, and off into blogger space it went...i will try to delete it... This one is proceeding without problems sofar...hold my breath...

If you would like to follow our conquests, go to, click on 'hide & seek a cache' (left top of your screen), scroll down to 'found by username' and type in 'goinggone', click on 'go' which will take you to a list of all the ones we have found.
Happy clicking!

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Thelma said...

I'm so excited to try this with you two in February!
Hope you're both feeling much better very soon!