Monday, December 31, 2007

Blogging We Go!

Yes, blogging we go.

It's all a result of my Christmas present which caused us to become geocachers today. We thought it might be nice if we kept you, and the world at large, posted on our feats and failures, that is, if the latter should occur...don't hold your breath, please!

My Christmas present was a Garmin GPS 60CSx. I accepted it in the usual way I accept all new things: not graciously, illustrating again how I do not do well with surprises, new things, or spending money on myself.

"You cannot foist a hobby on someone." "It is way too much money." "Lets just send it back."

You can't really send back opened packages of here we are...might as well read the batteries for it, maybe re-chargable ones...need a charger...

Anyway, today was our first day out in the bush geocaching, together with John and Bettie Siebenga who have about four years or caching under their belt. And we found our first cache!! Record it for posterity!!

The picture is the proof (if I can find a way of getting it in here...and not lose the blog...this is my third draft... the rest has already gone the way of 2007...

We did a second one, still accompanied by our trusted teachers. Found it. No prob. We are pros! (Have we figured out even 25% of the GPS thing-a-ma-jiggy? But that's beside the point. Be quiet!)

So after John and Bettie left we went for our third one...difficulty rating 3 (5 is high). Got stumped! It wasn't anywhere to be found. I guess someone stole it...

We will try again tomorrow, humbly...

And by dint of the fact that today is not tomorrow, this post needs to end before tomorrow...

Sleep well,


Opa and Grandma.

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PIXIE said...

Hi Dad and Mom,

I think this is really cool. I hope this becomes a fun thing you can do together in the years to come. I also know that my family would love to do it with you whenever they have opportunity.
I also like the blogging idea. I often think about starting one for my family but then my lack of confidence in myself stops me again (I don't write well (like some family members) and I don't have a clue how to get pictures on it, and my life is too normal to write about). See I come up with lots of excuses.
Anyways, I love you both and I have your blog site bookmarked so I will check it regularly (no pressure).

Love Erica